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It’s no Trick, East End beach bar offers margarita flights

After a couple of uncertain years, Tricky Fish has semi-quietly reopened on Charleston’s East End offering much of the same beach shack bar-and-grill fare, but with a new menu of margaritas that includes – are you ready for this? – margarita flights!

Margarita flight from Tricky Fish
Margarita flight from Tricky Fish

That is not a misprint.

The new marg menu features several different on-the-rocks concoctions featuring flavors ranging from chili lime and jalapeno to all-new takes on tequila drinks, including The Tricky Old Fashioned, Tricky Fish Sunrise and Beach Life Paloma.

Bacon ramp hushpuppies from Tricky Fish
Bacon ramp hushpuppies from Tricky Fish

You can also order a flight featuring the Raspberita, Coconut Crusher and Ultimate Margarita for $12, or enjoy a growing collection of more than 20 different tequilas now in stock, ranging from $5 to $45 a shot.

Better still, the restaurant is currently running a “free margarita” promo on Facebook, where if you purchase the new Ultimate Margarita, they’ll Venmo the cost of it back to you.

I’m guessing there’s a limit of one refund per person here, but the promo doesn’t specify that.

Before that special started (darn my luck) I stopped by on a recent gorgeous sunny evening to enjoy a drink and snack on the restaurant’s front deck overlooking Washington Street East.

Featuring 1800 Silver Tequila, Cointreau and fresh lime juice served on the rocks, said Ultimate Margarita is a no-frills, but tasty, little libation. I enjoyed it with what my server told me was the very first order of new bacon ramp hushpuppies that were added to the menu that day.

Tricky Fish on Washington Street East in Charleston
Tricky Fish on Washington Street East in Charleston

I’m just gonna just let that sink in a minute. Bacon. Ramp. Hushpuppies.

And while I kept sipping my margarita for enough liquid courage to tell the waiter they didn’t quite taste as good as they sounded, my concerns were unfounded. When he came back to check on me (without me saying anything) he acknowledged this was the very first batch and they know these needed to ramp up the ramp and bacon flavors more. My thoughts exactly.

I haven’t tried the new full menu yet, but I’m intrigued by its customized concept.

Moving from section to section, you simply choose WHAT you want (mahi-mahi, chicken or shrimp), HOW you want it (fried, blackened Cajun, Caribbean jerk or plain grilled), what you want it IN (tacos, a burrito or a basket) and what you want WITH it (red beans and rice, fries, onion rings, chips and salsa, kettle chips, coleslaw or a side salad.)

There’s also a selection of burgers, barbecue, sauced or dry-rub wings, hot dogs and brats, fried oysters, regular and vegan crabcakes, and seasoned organic tofu, plus assorted apps to enjoy in the restaurant or bar inside, or on the deck or tent outside.

With spring finally sprung, I’m sure Tricky Fish is going to be a popular hangout in the coming sunny weeks and months.

  • IF YOU GO: Tricky Fish, 1611 Washington St. E. in Charleston, is currently open limited hours throughout the week. For more information, call 304-344-3474, visit or check out the restaurant’s Facebook page.

• • •

Speaking of margaritas, I feel like we’re starting to get Mexican-ed out when it comes to new restaurants, but there’s yet another that has opened to glowing reviews in Nitro.

Setting up shop in the former location of Cali Tacos on 39th Street, Guadalajara Modern Mexican specializes in “authentic Mexican cuisine from Jalisco and modern Mexican fusion.” I haven’t been yet, but positive guest reviews are absolutely blowing up the place on social media, with many declaring it “the best” and “most authentic” Mexican in the valley.

With endorsements like that, you can bet I’ll be making tracks there ASAP.

Assorted margaritas from Tricky Fish
Assorted margaritas from Tricky Fish

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Steven Keith is a food writer and restaurant critic known as “The Food Guy” who writes a weekly column for the Charleston Gazette-Mail and has appeared in several state, regional and national culinary publications. Follow him online at or on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. He can be reached at 304-380-6096 or at

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